FROM TRASH TO TREASURE – For this project I worked with plastic bags. I transformed what we normally see as trash, for example bags form Albert Heijn into Treasure and by making a new fabric of the bags the treasure coat was invented.

FLOWERDRESS – For this dress again I use materials that we don’t consider beautiful, the fabric of the dress is a print on canvas. The print is a picture of hands that I took to reflect what flowers are for me. The top part are shower curtain chains, connected with hair elastics.

U HEEFT BETAALD – The bill of a pin machine inspired me for this project. I discovered that if you burn the receipts only one side will turn black. So I used inkt that will disappear when it gets warm for the print of the pants and leggings. The shapes are inspired of the place were I work and were I got the pin receipts. A lot of hikers are seen there.

FRAMED – I was asked to make an outfit of stucloper. I took the classic patterns for a tailored mens jacket, waist coat and a trench coat and just used the outlines to create this outfit.

FRAMED LAYERS – In this mini collection the outfits all exist of a few layers. All the layers contain stains, that i created by using inkt, fake blood and silicones. On top of every layer there is an outline of one of the layers to frame it.


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